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 House's Canes

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PostSubject: House's Canes   Wed May 27, 2009 2:10 am

i was trying to figure out how many different canes House has had over the last five seasons. tell me if this is right

He the origional cane from the pilot until teh season 2 episode "safe" when wilson filed through it

he had a new cane in the next episode "ALL IN" an a different one in teh episode after that (i guess the one from all in was his "facy cane"?)

he had the third cane then until the season three episode "whack a mole" when the therapist took it and then he stole the collapseable cane from the old man

he had the stolen cane until "Family" when hector chewed through it. in this episode he got the flame cane (which was by far teh fan favorite)

he had the flame cane until he lost it in teh bus crash in HH/WH and in the season 5 premier he had a new cane

he had this cane until "The Softer Side" when he threw it out because his leg was feeling better. in the next episode "The social contract" he had another cane which as of the season 5 finale he is still using.

i count 7 canes in 5 seasons. am i missing any?
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House's Canes
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